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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 04:02:28
The cat's face is squished up...ears pulled back from the rain, yet determined to get to his destination. This photo has mood (my favourite kind of photo), a story and it's cute.
2010-08-03 02:08:14
Three-letter words related to nature.. Ape, Alp, Ant, Asp, Auk Bee, Bat, Bud Cat, Cow Dog Emu,Eel Fox. Fur, Fin Gnu Hen Ice Jay Kit Lay, Law ( of the jungle ) Man Nit Ox ( even better than 3 letters ) Pig Q ( hmmmmm....???) Rat, Roe, Ram Sky Toe, Tea, Tad ( pole ) Ugh (?) Vit ( who knows..there could be a vit ? ) Wit, Woe X ( hmmm...?? ) Zit, Zoo
2010-08-03 01:43:09
:) Re: your cat can beat his cat My cat can get his dog to climb on a tree!
2010-08-02 21:37:55
“Low quality and dreadful picture”? What you class as ‘low quality’ is caused by the rain; hard to get clear pics when it’s pouring… The mood of the pic is wonderful, which I suspect is the main factor behind the votes. You named yourself Environmental Graffiti but I don’t believe you have anything to do with that site, you’re but a lowly troll.
2010-08-02 18:06:01
Tnx Cat Man Do, I think this is one of the best snap shot I've ever seen. @ scockal & Environmental Graffiti I'm from non English spoken area so I like to post pictures where I can use 3 letter words ( like cat, dog, etc ) so I can't make a mistake with writing... So If you have some 3 letter word that is at your opinion more connected with nature fell free to tel me, I've posted enough cats and dogs..
2010-08-01 00:21:29
That's your opinion. I believe this is one of the very best photos of a cat in the rain I have ever seen, and that it deserves even more votes than it has. And by the way, my cat can beat up your cat .
2010-07-31 18:49:10
Are you the same person that had a chat recently with Chris's father or a chat with Ingvaar?
2010-07-31 17:52:47
Cats aside, this is one low quality and dreadful picture that is in no way deserving of the + 19 votes that it has received as of now.
2010-07-31 04:20:12
... just look at the size of the fonts on the list of categories on the right side of the screen. They represent the number of the most posted pics on Pixdaus. Cats is by no means the biggest category. If you don't like cats, just scroll past them; what's the big deal?
2010-07-31 04:02:04
Everything is nature on this site is limited to cats.?????Not saturated to bring here dozens of pictures of cats?
2010-07-31 03:58:38
Good picture..????.What the hell do you see beautiful here,rained cat on street...???????
2010-07-31 02:44:19
BDW: In a half of hour I'll look like this cat. I forgot to take umbrella this morning.
2010-07-31 02:41:19
Like you see, still working, one word - bljak! :P Rainy day here in Zagreb, good thing is that the city is empty , most of the people is gone on the coast so I can enjoy in this situation. No crowd, no fuss, no stress... I really like this time of the year.
2010-07-31 02:35:31
Lots of things in my 'real' life, but here - as you said, battles aplenty. No worries, I am armour-plated. ;-) - What's happening with you?
2010-07-31 02:27:34
Tnx, poppy... What's new with you, accept all this numerous attacks...
2010-07-31 02:15:53
That's one unhappy pussycat! ;-) Good pic, Peasant!