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Old Comments:

2010-08-19 16:44:48
There's something I search for a long time. Do you have seed of sequoia? It's impossible to get it here in Croatia. I even ask some friends to try to get me that seed in Netherlands and Germany. No luck there. I just want to have a biggest tree in my village. If you can find a parts of AK-47 this won't be be a problem for you... Surprise me.
2010-08-19 04:01:49
yes we are have highest quality pickles and also condoms both new and used and our very own specialty item pickled condoms and not to mention false teeth in all sizes and glass eyes and various sundries and notions
2010-08-19 02:24:46
Yeah, right, and you can also sell me a high quality pickles and cheap condoms. Right? This aggressive marketing has really strengthened... =:(~
2010-08-19 02:12:05
and while you're in our shop don't forgets to check out the great deals we have on flea and tick repellant sheep dip and really great supply spare parts for kalishnikov and ak-47 and also complete line of western wear including levis wranglers and boots by redwing tony lama and justin plus some very clean used cars and pickups
2010-08-19 01:45:36
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