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Old Comments:

2010-06-10 02:52:33
2010-01-09 06:12:57
How did jchip get this picture? From Kevin's file? Of course, it could be on many picture sites by now, the good Pixdaus pics are raided as soon as they're posted...
2010-01-09 00:14:40
@ kevin walker I found a great source for photo-shop creations or just to take some pictures from videos. ( 4 example : ). I'm too lazy for that. Just take a quick look at: BDW: Also have a funny stuff like .
2010-01-08 23:38:34
I don't have a problem with this pic being reposted, but perhaps you could do me a favor if you decide to post more of my little photo-shop creations. It would be great if you could make a note somewhere that the pic is a photo-montage by Kevin Walker. I ask this only because I put some time and effort into creating it from three separate images. Thanks! ;-)