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Old Comments:

2011-08-24 20:20:19
Deodorant is Correct ! This website is no place for frivolity or light-heartedness ! This website is about SERIOUS BUSINESS !
2011-08-24 20:06:16
Three giants starships are coming... They are now near Cronus... So, lets get serious...
2011-08-24 18:57:31
Yes, this leaves ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM FOR DOUBT that "Must Be" is Patito.
2011-08-24 18:56:28
It just shows us that "How Dare You" is Patito...
2011-08-24 18:55:14
This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Eeny Meeny is Patito.
2011-08-24 18:55:13
You're funny Must Be - and you mentioned two thing that happened to me as a kid. I was in the woods with my brothers picking wild berries, and sat on an ant hill by mistake. I ran all the way home screaming as I ripped at my clothes. By the time I got into our yard, I was naked. I was just five years old, so not too embarassed, but the neighbours had a laugh. Another time, at my uncle's farm, I was bent down smelling some wildflowers, and a bee stung me right on the butt. So, please Patito, don't bring up to horrid bad memories of my childhood ;-)
2011-08-24 18:22:43
Yes, Pinch of Salt must be Patito. Only someone as savage,ruthless and heartless as Patito would think its funny when people find ants in their sugar bowls. How would you like to find an ant in YOUR sugarbowl ? Well, let me tell you it isn't a pretty sight. And a mean person like Patito would probably just laugh when he saw people get stung on their most tender parts by these demonic beasts and have to rip off their clothes in public and dance around half naked while shrieking, screaming and squealing like I did when an ant stung me on my little weenie one time. Yes, this leaves ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM FOR DOUBT that Pinch of Salt is Patito.
2011-08-24 18:07:20
Yes, look at the jaws of the thing! They have enough power to clip off some important appendages if you step too near, muahahaha…
2011-08-24 17:56:27
...makes as much sense as any other hallucination the trolls have...what are you on? Crack? :D
2011-08-24 17:42:21
You are so right, How Dare You. An ant stung my little sister once and it made her cry. They are just terrible, awful creatures and only a truly vicious person like Patito would post a picture of one. This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Pinchof Salt is Patito.
2011-08-24 17:35:01
I know this ant.. It was on my toast this morning!
2011-08-24 17:12:53
Uh-oh, the loonies have escaped the bin again :D
2011-08-24 17:08:35
How dare you post awful photos of bugs like this ! Don't you know bugs bite and sting people and poop on their food ? Only a disgusting pervert would even consider posting such a creepy picture ! You must be Patito !
2011-08-24 16:57:03
galing ng nagpicture,,hehe