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Posted By:WitchGirl

Old Comments:

2009-03-16 23:23:03
You the REPOST - was clearly from my comments and poppy's that his picture and mine are the what's the point for your tag? seriously you don't have nothing else to do?
2009-03-16 16:53:23 need to be sorry, my pic was posted aeons ago! They are the same picture, though, which made me think that your guy (djatzeea) 'borrowed' it from mine (korka), just made it lighter. You have a good day, also! ;-) I love your pics, by the way.
2009-03-16 16:27:19
Hi, Poppy!What can i say..the pictures are the same..I have posted others pictures too of djatzeea..sry for the resemblance..but i didn't see your picture..Have a good day! :)
2009-03-16 15:49:32
This picture by djatzeea is a paler version of korka's picture (link above). I looked at djatzeea's photostream and got a distinctly 'schizophrenic' feeling about his pics. On the one hand he is posting pics of modern urban scenes from Holland and Germany, and delicate nature studies on the other hand (flowers, landscapes). Some photographers post on many sites under different names, but djatzeea's pics are so different from korka's that I even wonder whether the former 'borrowed' some from the latter. ;-) I did not bring 'my' version of the picture up for the purpose of pointing out a duplicate (I am voting + for your pic). I was just musing over the discrepancy between the styles of djatzeea and korka. Korka is still one of my alltime favourites, but he has not posted for a long time on the Russian site where I used to take his pics from; the last pic appeared in November 2008. Maybe he moved to Germany of Holland and became a city guy. ;-)