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Old Comments:

2008-10-12 08:43:57
Ah yes. Airplane wings as well as bird`s wings are typically shaped with more curvature over the top surface than the bottom. So air must travel a little further and thus faster over the top. Bernoulli`s Principle states that the faster air travels, the less pressure it has. This lower pressure is part of what lifts the wing. But it`s not the main thing. The main lift is simply from the wing deflecting the weight of the air downward resulting in an equal pressure upward on the wing. The Bumble Bee does not employ Bernoulli`s Principle at all. (Neither do most insects, bats, stunt planes, maple seeds, and many other things that fly.) Even the downward deflection is not enough to make the Bumble bee fly, though. It uses Vortex Suction due to the viscosity (stickyness) of air at small dimensions. Please don`t ask me to explain that here. Uille
2008-10-11 09:56:18
Perhaps the poster would be so kind as to explain in layman terms exactly what the Bernoulli`s Principle is. I mean, I have read that bumble bees should not be able to fly at all, based on their construction. Pray tell? This is interesting. Please explain!