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Old Comments:

2010-07-18 18:20:48
I knew you would know :) Can you explain the Spanish roots of "papagolfade" ? "papa" = pope ? golf, areas ? ... ?
2010-07-18 17:16:09
Try Spanish! Slovenian photographer Aleksander Petkovski has used "papagolfade" as a nickname. He has photographed a lot of churches and this word has become associated with his work. I think the word has a Spanish origin.
2010-07-18 16:47:04
Professor SmartyPants ? Where are you ? Help us ...
2010-07-18 08:17:17
No, I don't find Greek roots libellule...
2010-07-18 04:56:29
I have just asked my (French) husband : never he heard this word. And I am not able to determine its roots. Latin ? English/Northern ? Greek ? For you, are there some Greek roots in this term ? ... I hope Professor SmartyPants is "around" :) Sure HE DOES KNOW :)
2010-07-18 04:24:12
I had never heard this word before today. I didn't find it in a very big French dictionary - Nouveau Larousse Universel - 2 vol - 1949. Maybe it is a new word ? Does anybody here know something about ? But, with Google, many sites "speak" about "papagolfades" : they show a lot of churchs/little churchs, in many places over the world :
2010-07-18 03:41:29
Hi libellule, Muse is a French photographer and I thought " papagolfade " is a french word...anyway I suppose it means little church because she has the same caption in many of her photos with churches..
2010-07-18 03:02:06
Danis, please : what means "papagolfade" ?
2010-07-17 22:45:37
Thanks COY, the island of Crete offers a great variaty of places to explore....
2010-07-17 11:13:48
Vert nice Danis.Extremely picturesque and quaint.