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Old Comments:

2011-04-23 01:40:56
Single.. Reposted it :)
2010-04-01 08:37:42
I don't think jacksparrow was pulling my leg. It was as good an interpretation of what was going on as any. Maybe Pixdaus is launching the platform in a 'controlled' area to see if there are any bugs before launching it 'en masse'.
2010-04-01 08:35:53
Never time you have to used a photo to contact admin you are very welcome to use one of my uploads. You had no reason to be afraid. I knew that there was something unusual going on. Fed up is an excellent interpretation for marre. Sweet dreams.
2010-04-01 05:28:08
Thanks for your gentle answer : the whole (my) day, I had been afraid to have losen our relationships because I wrote too quickly, with my "thin" English. "You did not 'take' that picture." Pb of language/idiom. You have to understand ( and you have understood) : "I used . At that time, in front of the messages of Admin : I used " . If another time if I shall have to write to Admin, I shouldl use their website. ... But yesterday night, j'en avais marre ! How would you say ? Maybe : " I was fed up" ? Please, correct me ! :-) With your gentle message, I thought I shall have a good night, and shall do good dreams ;-) Thanks !
2010-04-01 04:57:47
Jacksparrow was pulling your leg - how could the new platform be launched in one area and not in another? Good joke, Jack.
2010-04-01 04:47:29
Thank you for the explanation libellule. You did not 'take' that username is still on it ;-) You can 'use' that kitten photo anytime you need to. I hope Admin fixes any bugs (problems) before the rest of us get the new platform. I have never hears the word 'marre'. It's a new one for me ;-) Take care libellule.
2010-03-31 16:41:42
And some more information : the message from Admin on my screen happened just after I wrote my comment about your so cute kitten. It is the reason I "took" that picture.
2010-03-31 10:10:20
This comment was meant in response to libellule's comment "enjoyed" arrive at "an understanding"...." Anyboby have any ideas what libellule means? I can't even understand the French part.
2010-03-31 08:47:12
What are you saying??
2010-03-31 08:00:24
Near 23/eleven in the night in France. If you answer (to/at) me, I should find your answer 8/9 hours later : when you are going to go to bed, and when I shall open my first eye ! Good day for you, ... good night for me !
2010-03-31 07:43:59
Connie, Merci de m'excuser d'avoir profité d'une de vos photos pour arriver à faire comprendre à l'Admin - et à leurs ordinateurs - qu'ils me connaissaient. J'ai dû m'y reprendre au moins trois fois ... Mais, ça y est ! Ils m'ont reconnue ! Connie, Thank you to excuse me for having "enjoyed" one of your pictures to arrive at "an understanding" to the Admin - and at their computers - they knew me. It needed at least three times ... But there it is! They recognized me!
2010-03-31 03:58:27
Comme il est mignon ! Mais comme il semble avoir peur ! He's so cute! But how afraid it seems to be !