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Old Comments:

2009-05-08 06:53:12
"don't support our present policy ?" I like presents! Is your policy anti-present? If it is then yes I don't support that. Is this the Spanish spelling? "Al Queda" I thought the toon was funny compared to what Barry said in his campaign against Bush and his so called failed policies. Karma it'll bite'ya Seriously though. I more worried about the taliban boys moving closer to the Capital of Pakistan. It seems to me that the Afghan/Pakistan border area is where all the fighting has shifted to. I all for sending in the drones. And this time don't tell Sen. Feinstein where the base they're launching from is.
2009-05-08 06:48:47
Bla Bla Bla, A Bouts! I've been to your profile and my first guess has proved true! Boring.
2009-05-08 06:41:36
I just went to your profile and now understand why you don't know me. You apparently just arrived here at Pixdaus. Let me be the first to say welcome friend. Have a look around and you'll see that this is a very nice site with a lot of great pictures on it. After awhile you'll learn that I only post the political stuff so me and my internet friend Patito will have something to discuss. And everyone else looks at and says to themselves "Those two loonies are at it again" Well enjoy Pixdaus and I'm looking forward to seeing your first picture posting if you decide to participate. Of course being just a looky lou is fine as well. Have a wonderful day. :-)
2009-05-08 06:37:00
I wonder what Peter Brookes and the editors of the London Times think we should do in Afghanistan? Do they believe we should just say the hell with it, pick up our marbles and come home and let the Taliban, Al Queda and the warlords fight it out amongst themselves for control of what's left? What do you think we should do there, Abe, since you apparently don't support our present policy ?
2009-05-08 06:32:43
Aw, you hardly know me. Plus you should watch the youtube link to get where I was headed with the toon.
2009-05-08 06:25:45
Thank God George W. Bush didn't kill innocent women and children. The women and children George W. Bush killed in Afghanistan were ALL evil terrorists!! Your Anti-Obama pics are sooo boring and so are you.
2009-05-08 06:21:01
Didn't he campaign on this though?