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Old Comments:

2011-01-04 09:31:17
Im not connie. You cant use your own name to comment or defend anyone on this site without getting all your pictures voted down. Hamster fan and Billie's Ghost maybe same person, were not being truthful. Lulu Witch mentions hamsters on her site but not under the pic connie posted.
2011-01-04 06:47:05
connies defender = connie. why make guesses about identification when clearly you did'nt know what the animals were?
2011-01-04 04:02:17
I searched goggle like she did with the words New Year. The picture and site came up but there were no mention what kind of animals they were just their names petal and lupin
2011-01-03 19:09:21
Connie, would it be overwhelmingly difficult, for once, to acknowledge a correction by saying 'thank you' instead of coming up with numerous feeble excuses as to why the error occurred? You'll find Syrian Hamster in Lulu Witch's tags.
2011-01-02 05:26:10
Hamsters..Guinea pigs...doesn't matter..they're all equally delicious !
2011-01-02 05:20:59
She might have said they were Syrian Hamsters at some point on her site, but I had googled 'New Year', or something like that, and that photo came up. I did not go through her site looking at other photos.
2011-01-02 05:18:31
Lulu Witch did not "clearly stated" these are hamsters - she did not state what they were at all, just that their names were Petal and Lupin. However, I was not paying enough attention when I uploaded (I was rushed) as I should have known they were hamsters since my friend's daughters had two.
2011-01-01 22:13:41
Guinea pigs? As Lulu Witch clearly stated, these are Syrian Hamsters.