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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-04-18 09:32:11
"KFC tortures chicks."
2008-08-18 13:02:12
And you got the URL slightly wrong, there is no escape at the end...
2008-08-17 11:09:41
Upon reflection, I shouldn't have posted that. OJ is such an evil POS that he shouldn't even be mentioned, let alone joked about. Sorry people.
2008-08-03 21:06:13
Remember the difference between Colonel Sanders and O.J. Simpson? Colonel Sanders kills his chicks, then batters 'em.
2008-08-03 17:53:18
Let's fight against animal cruelty by exploiting womens bodies! Brilliant.
2008-02-27 02:29:23
I'll have the Hillary bucket- two fat thighs, two small breasts and a lot of left wings!
2008-02-26 22:17:06
Meat's meat and man's gotta eat. BOO-YEAH!! Hippie Liberal chicks they may be... but once they receive my bounty... DOUBLE BOO-YEAH!! More converts to my side. I am a god.
2008-02-26 20:26:03
I want a threesome with those hot girls
2008-02-26 19:48:54
Freaken PETA kill 90% of animals they are "taking care of". Pure money raisers.
2008-02-26 16:46:59
that guy is a common douche.
2008-02-26 12:35:47
I love PETA. People eating tasty animals.
2008-02-26 09:24:22
Anyone else notice the Taco Bell in the background?