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2009-02-13 09:39:05
Vacancy English Heritage exists to preserve and care for our historic buildings and monuments. As one may imagine certain creatures are drawn to such places and we often have problems with uninvited guests taking up residence. This has led to the introduction of our Extreme Pest Control department. Due to the sudden departure of one of our key members in the East Mercia area we are able to offer the vacancy of Junior Pest Controller. Initial duties will involve simple Gnome and Fearie eradication. From there you will progress to dealing with creatures of unnatural origin and then on to advanced inhuman fiend removal. Although no formal qualifications are necessary a strong stomach, steady hand and natural ability with a sharp stick would be advantageous. All work-wear, axes and shovels are provided. The successful applicant will receive competitive rates of pay (including attractive graveyard shift bonus) dependant on your obtaining an N.P.T.C chainsaw licence. Interested ? For more information, leave a message.