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Old Comments:

2010-04-20 02:45:37
He he he oh well...I just get happy to be able to practice the languages I know sometimes, even if just a little. :-) Pixdaus is after all a Babel Tower, isnt it? ;-)
2010-04-20 02:15:13
Thanks, Jujuba! I'll make a note of them for future reference. How much do you charge for translations? I know you're heaps better than google translator! ;-)
2010-04-20 01:56:31
Poppy: A better expression for 'I look forward to seeing them' would be 'Espero ansiosamente en verlas' (waiting anxiously to see them) or more informal 'No veo la hora de verlas' (canīt wait to see them).
2010-04-20 01:37:09
According to google translator, "I look forward to seeing them, thanks." is "Espero poder verlos, gracias." - I bet that's not correct; 'look forward to' is a strange thing...
2010-04-20 01:16:09
Es verdad.Voy buscar para pics mejor, con el museo detras el perrito.
2010-04-20 00:26:45
Wow! Imagine the work that has gone into it - and the number of flowers. If only the photographer would have had the museum in the background and not the building site... ;-)