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Old Comments:

2010-05-18 02:14:30
Sorry to disappoint you Camera user, but I didn't take this.
2010-05-18 02:10:41
Many thanks Jujuba. I appreciate your support.
2010-05-18 01:42:40
Ain't it the truth ! Amen !
2010-05-18 01:40:35
Ironically, the ones that blabber more nonsense in this site are the ones that have contributed zilch! Im learning a lot with your bird pictures Mary, keep them coming :-)
2010-05-17 19:03:51
I cannot see this full size. I am not a premium user...
2010-05-17 18:47:24
I apologize that you think the picture isn't good enough, bird lover. I didn't take the photo. I don't think it is your place either to tell me to not post bird photos. I should be allowed to post them if I wish to. Just downvote if you don't like a particular photo....
2010-05-17 17:57:12
The photo was obviously taken by an amateur photographer with an auto-focus camera and the camera focused on the weeds and not the birds.
2010-05-17 17:52:55
As for the full-size image, it is even much worse!
2010-05-17 17:46:49
This is not a very good picture. Stick to the farm, cottage, canal, etc. scenes, PictureGirl and forget about the birds. The birds are not even in good focus here.
2010-05-17 11:45:53