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Old Comments:

2010-11-21 00:40:19
Those who guessed agave are correct. More specifically, a type known as blue agave, the source of tequila. The men have chopped away the spiney leaves and will take the cores ( which are called 'pinas' after the Spanish word for 'pineapple') to the factory where their juice will be processed into the famous liquid we all know and love. Salud ! Note; agave is also the source of a pre-columbian Mexican drink called pulque. If you're ever traveling down there and have a chance to sample pulque, by all means don't .
2010-11-20 21:22:03
You are spot on with Agave, lydiaauby... :)
2010-11-20 21:21:19
They are Agave, Poppy... :)
2010-11-20 20:18:39
Looks like agave plants in background. And isn't tequila made from the agave? ? ? I'm wondering . . . . .
2010-11-20 05:51:54
What are those things? Too big for pineapple... ;-)