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Old Comments:

2008-07-23 10:14:52
I am eating my words for dinner, except to say, what a cool photoshop.
2008-07-22 22:39:48
2008-07-22 12:34:35
Chicago is NOT a city. A town of fagensteins. They only WISH they could be NYC! FACT!!!!!
2008-07-22 10:42:37
Of course it's a pencil drawing, and a very good one. What is the alleged problem, though, with photoshop? Why do people call "foul"? Look at most of the photos around here: the color has been altered in some way, and often for the worse. Photography is itself a manipulation, and rife with "lies" about reality. Photoshop is just one of many tools, Ummagumma. Your beloved Pink Floyd overdubbed their asses off to produce that (IMHO) wretched "Dark Side Of The Moon" album. Was that "cheating" like photoshop is supposed to be "cheating"?
2008-07-22 03:00:50
No, its not a photo, but a highly detailed drawing. Check the sharp outline of all the buildings, the bridge and cars. Check also the sharp detail of the windows of the building in the centre, and the one to its left. Although its a fine piece of architectural drawing with excellent perspective, it lacks the perspective subtleties of tonal difference.
2008-07-20 00:54:23
The nearest bridge carries Michigan Avenue over the Chicago River.
2008-07-19 22:18:35
that is Chicago
2008-07-19 22:11:47
That is photoshopped