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Posted By:patito

Old Comments:

2009-09-21 03:33:47
The best answer is probably that nobody knows for sure... first guy to use the term seems to have been Don Juan Onate, who led the first big Spanish colonizing entrada into what would become New Mexico in the last years of the 1500's....he used the word to refer to one of the Pueblo towns he found in the valley of the river that would become known as the Pecos...but whether it meant 'speckled' or 'spotted' or 'somebody get me a beer' is anybody's guess....the Pecos has also been called the De Las Vacas ( after large herds of buffalo the Spaniards saw along the banks ), the Salado (salty), and the Puerco ( dirty ) sabe ? One thing upon which consensus does exist, however, is that Pecos cantaloupes are the best melons grown in North America !
2009-09-21 00:21:58
I googled Pecos to find out what it meant - One site said something about cantaloupes and then there was this- The actual origin of the name "Pecos" is debated. It's most likely derived from the Latin word "pecus," which means "a single head of cattle." However, others argue that it comes from the Spanish verb "pecar," which means to sin or do wrong. This belief is substantiated by the use of "pecos" as a verb in the late 19th century. Cattlemen and farmers referred to something being stolen as a "pecos swap." For the less fortunate, "to pecos" someone meant to murder him. And yet another source claims the river is named after the Spanish word "pecoso" which means "freckled." (They never explain how a river can look "freckled.") - Patito you are down there in Tejas -what is the most likely acceptable translation?