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2010-07-28 09:16:01
In some countries, the elderly have to do what this lovely lady is doing, but some might be doing it because they want to, to continue to feel useful, and to get the satisfaction of contributing to the welfare of their families. Sadly, in most cases - especially in the Third World countries - it is a necessity, in which case, as Jujuba says, one cannot but feel sad... Even in Finland, my country which is supposed to be one of the Western well-to-do countries, we are being confronted with poverty, and the care of the old and the sick leaves a lot to be desired.
2010-07-28 07:34:00
A scene like this makes me somewhat sad... I believe the senior citizens of a country deserve to have a much better life where there´s no need to work so they can rest and enjoy what they couldn´t before for being so busy with their lives. Where I live in Brazil, there are many elderly begging at traffic lights and on the streets. It´s upsetting to think that someone who has donated their entire life for the benefit of their country gets this kind of treatment after society decides they´re not 'usable' anymore. Breaks my heart!