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Old Comments:

2011-04-15 14:02:23
Big Bear isn't big or a bear. She's a wimpy, whining, mousy little pussy.
2011-04-15 13:56:24
Big Bear is a festering, oozing pustule on the rotten, stinking ass of a Ubangi bush whore.
2011-04-15 13:27:42
we wouldn't need it if we didn't have assholes like you around
2011-04-15 05:00:08
Love it. Thanks. We need some light relief...
2011-04-15 04:20:23
Polar Bear walks into a bar. Bartender says "What'll you have?" Polar Bears says "Rum and........................coke." Bartender says "Why the big pause ?" Polar Bear says "Oh, these ? I've had 'em all my life."
2011-04-14 18:37:33
Yet another stupid proclamation by the self-appointed racemaster.
2011-04-14 12:33:42
Will a duplicate pic win the race? We'll soon find out....
2011-04-13 12:13:18
Tranquility - Cincinnati Zoo, by Bud Hendley at Trek Nature, AND Mmmmmm.... snow, The Cincinnati Zoo, by Bud at PBase (same photographer) Already posted by connie (also with wrong title)