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Old Comments:

2010-08-09 04:24:34
C'est un photographe macro des plumes d'oiseaux
2010-08-08 18:40:43
Connie, je ne sais pas ce que c'est, mais c'est très joli !
2010-08-08 16:58:32
Geeeeez - fbo - do you need specs ;-) I wrote that I was sorry I uploaded the wrong one (see above comment), This photo is the macro photo of bird feathers. The other one is of a Rainbow eucalyptus tree.
2010-08-08 15:50:51
This is the link you must be referring to, FBO... :)
2010-08-08 15:15:45
Wait a minute - there was another posting of the same image saying that they are feathers - this one must be mislabeled
2010-08-08 15:11:34
So did I, FBO... :)
2010-08-08 15:00:19
At first glance I thought these were feathers
2010-08-08 08:31:11
2010-08-08 07:20:42
Sorry for that - I uploaded the wrong one...sign