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Old Comments:

2011-06-02 23:50:39
Single.. Neat :)
2010-09-15 18:16:46
What is your agenda larrysheldon?
2010-09-15 18:15:12
thegrrrr8est - In the two years I have been on this site I have very often seen where 'other names/trolls' imitate someone's writing style. We all have a different writing style, so it's easy to imitate someone. That has happened to me a few times, and it has happened to others. Patito seems to be the biggest target. Also, they imitate the types of photos someone uploads...again to cause mischief. We've had trolls for the last few months, upvoting uploads excessivly and then accusing the uploaders of cheating. I use my name in comments, so I've been insulted, sworn at, my uploads voted down to oblivion etc. So what...I don't take it personally...because Connie is not who I am. I hope you will stay on; but don't take the comments too seriously - just have fun with it. Some of it can be quite hilarious....but then I think I have a twisted sense of humour ;-)
2010-09-15 17:46:37
Just to be clear, I was agreeing with Skip's earlier comment about too many pics of same subject: ie. visual spam. I make no comment about Patito and am puzzled by statements that he uses many names - how could anyone possibly know? I loathe abusive posts by anyone - let us be civilized and kind to each other and disagree, when we do, without being rude.
2010-09-15 15:43:05
No please don't leave thegrrrr8est. It IS patito, under one of his many alias names, and patito alone, that is faulting you. It is the patito agenda to drive away anybody that doesn't agree with him and you are one of his latest targets. There are many of us who disagree entirely with patito and his style, however because he cheats and has driven many away he continues to get away with his atrocities.
2010-09-15 15:35:29
Patito, there is nobody that is going to believe that this is your second comment on this page. The second comment as patito. I would bet a very large sum that the comments, signed as Yeah Right and Serious Business were also yours. They fit your style exactly. Also your attempt to drive away thegrrrr8est as you have managed to do with many others that disagree with you. There is room here for many diverse opinions, including those that don't agree with you. There is also room for teacups, goats and your other nonsense photos but you overdo it in your attempts to make a point. And these stupid teacup photos don't really get the votes that they show, they only show high vote scores because you cheat and somehow upvote them.
2010-09-15 14:52:04
I hope you don't leave, thegrrr8est, and I'm if sorry your feelings were hurt for just expressing your opinion. I understand your point about too much of one subject. I think you may have been misunderstood, and I can't tell you how many times I've been attacked and put down on here, for just expressing myself. I think because you're fairly new you may have missed some things that went on here, with trolls who harassed and sweared at Patito and called him every name in the book, and they still do, although the one who is doing it the most lately has not used the bad language as much. I can't speak for Patito but I think he sometimes answers their attacks by posting more of those kinds of pics, and it's hard for me to say what I'd do if someone was harassing me constantly. I've enjoyed your comments here, and I hope you will reconsider about leaving. I think even Patito, would understand your opinions, it's just so easy to get on the defensive, because of the actions of some other people or trolls around here who have made everyone suspicious of who they are talking to.
2010-09-15 14:17:00
Skip -- I agree with everything you've said. I've tried to be civil in stating my opinion that what feels to me like endless posting of any subject -- like coffee cups or hot air balloons -- is excessive and, to me, an annoying waste of time. If the photo is a good photo, I don't care what the subject is. It is the spamming of the site with photos that I object to. I'm really sorry I ever said anything at all. I am a bit stunned at what feels like a pretty ugly attack in response to my opinion. I thought that posting opinions was the Comments section was for. That said, I'm moving on. This has been a wonderful site that has given me many hours of joy, but the ferocity of attacks on anybody who dares to voice an opinion about the spamming has sucked the fun out of it for me. If I was wrong in suspecting it's Patito, then I apologize. But, I doubt it. It sure seems to me that both Patito and the many-named spammers post with the same tone. Anyway, thanks to all of you who have found and posted so many wonderful shots.
2010-09-15 14:02:02
I agree Skip, I believe in diversity and really like to see different things and I do not at all mind some food shots, the real problem lies with people who simply inundate the site with a particular type of image, then we can get visual indigestion - and not only from foody photos!. I think that Pixdaus should do away with down votes entirely. There is really no need to down vote poor images or ones we do not like - leave them alone to find their own level.
2010-09-15 13:26:48
I like this pic too, and gave it my vote Gabrielle, but I have noticed lately, even tonight, that many pictures are being voted down. infact every new posting that I saw here earlier tonight has been voted down a great deal, and even the pictures that make it past eleven, onto the popular page are not accumulating as many votes in a day as you would expect. I don't think this problem will ever be solved until pixdaus can do something about the people who can vote several times, or until they eliminate the downvote button. I think it's good you expressed your opinion on the food pictures Gabrielle, and that's the decent way to do it, by using your own name and saying it in a polite way, but not by hiding behind other names and accusing someone of cheating and making snide and rude remarks. I can understand people may not like too many of any kind of picture, but the only problem I have with some people.... (im not referring to Thegrea8est) but some others who have commented lately, is they seem to be trying to limit us to only post landscapes. I posted pictures of coffee cups, and some food like a pretty dessert, and cars, and houses in the past and they did quite well. I think it depends on "how many" pictures you post of any subject, but I still think we should have some diversity, and unless pixdaus bans certain pics, then we should not harass people and tell them pixdaus would be better off without them.
2010-09-15 12:40:00
Wonderful pictures and wonderful story. PictureGirl is right, such things raise our spirits. I also have voted for this - making merely 7 votes as of now - and I am puzzled why it has not got more votes. I also have to admit that I ,too, find food and tea photos pretty unappealing. We are bombarded by commercial pictures of burgers, chips and other comestibles on TV and in magazines and newspapers - do we really need them on Pixdaus as well?
2010-09-15 04:26:17
Good for you PictureGirl! Really interesting photos tell a story...bring emotions and memories...teaches us something. This photo is a reminder to me that young people are resilient - we can overcome most obstacles if we have the will...a positive attitude. It certainly helps if one has love, support and understanding from family and friends.
2010-09-15 04:23:19
Lest anyone mis-understand, my comment above is intended for the individual who claims not to have showed his/her ass. This is my SECOND comment on this page.
2010-09-15 04:20:28 just did..showed your ass, that is . And this is my FIRST comment on this page !
2010-09-15 04:08:13
Use your right posting name then..... I am not Patito, but I am someone who knows who you are, and I'm not poppy either...if you want to know who I am then have some guts and use your regular posting name. I think you may have had some support if you had done that from the beginning. People may not like teacups.... but they also don't like dictators!
2010-09-15 03:58:19
Keep waiting, Patitio. I'll keep posting as the only screen name I use... How does saying that I am weary to death of inane posting of tea cups and greasy foods make me a "stuck up snob"? It's an OPINION. And again, I manage to voice it without name calling or showing my ass.
2010-09-15 03:51:34
If anyone is HIDING behind thousands of names ... it's YOU. It's more than obvious that devo, was right about you. You complain daily about tea cups and voting and each time you sound like a superior stuck up snob. If so many people agree with you get them on here lady , and make sure they use their regular user names........Waiting........
2010-09-15 03:38:45
Well, pardon the hell out of me for voicing an opinion. An opinion, by the way, that is shared by a lot of people. I do take pride in being able to honestly say what I think without resorting to name calling or hiding behind a thousand different screen names. I do suspect your house, though, is butt ugly.
2010-09-15 01:33:28
Good pic ademir, gave it my vote - but not because that "know it all" thegrr8est said so. - I think that's the same troublemaker who goes around telling everyone what to post. People post what you like, that's what freedoms all about. Should I paint my house the same colour as your's NO!
2010-09-15 01:32:18
Yes, there is absolutely too much silliness on this website, and the dozens of tea cup pictures are nothing short of disgraceful. Don't these people understand that the Internet is Serious Business ?
2010-09-15 01:16:35
The YouTube video runs for around 7 minutes...
2010-09-15 00:31:34
This is about Patrick Ivison....
2010-09-15 00:23:28
This to me shows that even though this person is a quadriplegic, he doesn't sit at home and let his condition get the better of him and he is not pitying himself, thus isolating himself. He goes out there and makes life work for him. And his dog loves him, with unconditional love and accepts him, wheelchair and all. I have depression and can very easily isolate myself and not want to do much because of that. This photo teaches me something about that, that I shouldn't give in to my depression so easily as I do. I must fight it and try to have a positive attitude, as this person shows in the photo. I agree with you about the downvotes, thegrrrr8est. I upvoted this photo myself. Thankyou Ademir also for posting this photo... :)
2010-09-15 00:15:07
maybe, someone hate the surf.. :)
2010-09-14 23:59:54
Love the story. Love the photo. Love the kid's face. And the dog. Thank you for posting this. How this gets down voted while all the tea cups and silliness gets voted up is beyond me.
2010-09-14 23:16:09
Surfing session at the Cardiff State Beach in San Diego. Ivison is a quadriplegic, having suffered a spinal injury in a car accident.