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Old Comments:

2009-10-15 21:15:38
Muchas Gracias, Senora C....and you're right about the 'no ice' part...some people think freezing will kill those little tourista bugs, pero no es's a wonderful place to visit..more 'foreign' and exotic and different from most of the US than any of the European countries....but there are some simple rules for survival in Mexico that wise travelers observe, like don't drink anything that doesn't come from a sealed bottle, don't eat salad , and don't drive at night....
2009-10-15 12:25:38 really don't want to eat there, but the margarita without ice would be ok;'ll get sick. I got quite sick at another restaurant in Ajijic.
2009-10-15 11:11:41
I'll have a quesadilla and margarita.
2009-10-15 10:23:39
Nice place to go in when it's very hot. I refused to eat there, but nice for a cold beer.