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2010-07-03 11:39:23
Patito - You're still going on about all of us living on the American continent? When I wrote American Independence Day, I was referring to you folks who live in all dem der know...folks who don't have a real us American Canadians, American Costa Ricans, American Brazilians etc.
2010-07-03 11:30:12
July 4th is the celebration of the declaration of independence of the United States, not the independence of America. Much of America remained under colonial rule for many years after the United States became an independent federation of states. Mexicans, Canadians, Columbians, Cubans Peruvians and Argentines et al. are all Americans and they all have their own Independence Days. Please feel free, however, to join us in celebrating the United States' Independence Day. Do some barbecue, drink some beer, watch a parade, drink some beer, watch a baseball game, drink some beer...enjoy yourselves,