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Posted By:observer

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2009-11-20 02:06:20
Hmh! Is that means that all evil people moves in a straight lines? And that zig zag people a good people? Thing's that make you hmh...
2009-11-20 00:48:07
A zig-zag bridge is often seen in East Asian gardens. It may be made of stone slabs or planks as part of a pond design and is frequently seen in rustic gardens constructed according to Zen philosophy and teachings. As it often has no railings, it is quite possible for an inattentive walker to simply fall off an end into the water. The objective in employing such a bridge is to focus the walker's attention to the current place and time - "be here, now" ~ The zig-zag of paths and bridges also follows a principle of Feng Shui. Negative energy and bad spirits are believed to have problems navigating corners, while people and good energy have no such problem.