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Old Comments:

2011-08-15 18:25:43
Patito maybe does remove photos, but not do so randomly. He is very calculating person, and would have no reason to remove Picture Girls's photo.
2011-08-15 08:04:04
I think alot of others would not believe you either, PatitoDeletesPhotos. How can a user or poster delete a picture ? Isn't only Pixdaus able to do that ? You have no proof that Patito deletes photos in any case. I'm not trying to stick up for him, but rather, I have an open mind about these things. I don't believe in accusations. I believe in proof....
2011-08-15 07:43:45
A lot of photos have been deleted here by patito. This is obvious to almost all except PictureGirl and Connie. Most of the time, when patito deletes a photo, it is because the photo itself is unfavourable to him, or the comments on it are. Patito has proven himself of deleted both photos and comments time and time again. I am not sure why he sometimes deletes the entire works when only the comments are unfavourable. Perhaps this is the easier route, or perhaps it is because when a photo remains behind with the comments deleted, it is more obvious. The main point here is: whenever a photo is deleted suspect patito and you will probably be right.
2011-08-15 00:59:48
Quack quack wolf359
2011-08-15 00:45:17
I happen to think that Connie is correct about that. I also thought that after I read what Duck Hunter wrote, but I refrained from commenting about it, because I know that what I thought to put into words, would be downvoted. I think that my upload vanished for other reasons of which I'm unsure....
2011-08-14 19:13:55
Either you are an incredibly stupid person or you and patito are one and the same.
2011-08-14 18:08:33
You're quacking up the wrong tree Duck Hunter ;-) Patito would not delete PictureGirl's upload.
2011-08-14 00:11:52
Patito probably delete your picture, Picture Girl. He delete many pictures here for no reason except he is try to destroy Pixdaus.
2011-08-13 22:53:19
Hello all, I hope everyone is feeling well and having a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what became of one of my posts. It has gone missing from my uploads. It was the one I posted in my latest lot of photos, of the mountain and the spring flowers. I can't seem to find reference to it in my computer files (history). Hope someone can help. Many thanks.... :)