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Old Comments:

2009-09-22 12:46:39
Oh I see...well, he does it really well then ;)
2009-09-22 09:42:58
Well, it's a good addiction to have.
2009-09-22 09:15:15
I agree!
2009-09-22 08:50:23
Thanks Connie! I'm kind of addicted to fooling around with pics and seeing what I can come up with. It's a lot of fun! ;-)
2009-09-22 08:36:45
Thanks jujuba! Sorry, I don't know where the pics were taken ;-)
2009-09-22 08:26:57
Kevin Walker does wonderful work combining two photos into one....a true artist extraordinaire ;-) He does it so well that it's hard to know what he added or even if he added. But, I think in this case, he added the dark clouds.
2009-09-22 04:35:25
Didnīt get you Connie?
2009-09-22 04:25:10
That is one mean looking cloud.
2009-09-22 04:18:14
Knowing our 'resident expert' kevin walker, it's probably two locations.
2009-09-22 03:10:14
Nice pic, nice place Kevin :) Any idea of the location?