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Old Comments:

2010-05-09 15:08:34
This photo was taken in 2008 or slightly before. It was taken at the International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota by Jim Brandenburg. And was digitally edited by Jim as well. This is the "ambassador", or display pack at that time in the main wolf enclosure at the Center. The two white wolves in the center are "arctic" wolves, genetically from Ellesmere Island, Canada but whom were both born in Minnesota and have been at our center since a few weeks old. One of these, "Malik", has since been transferred to our "retirement" pack, the other, "Shadow", is still here and is the "alpha" wolf of the pack. Since 2008 we have placed two other wolves in the pack. The main enclosure in the IWC is often broken up into smaller parts by fencing in order to keep some of the wolves from physical contact with each other while at the same time allowing a certain amount of familiarity. When a new wolf is introduced to the pack, for instance, it is always done this way and injured or sick wolves may be temporarily separated for their own protection. I am writing this to make a point. In this photo, Jim wanted it to appear that the wolves were in the wild and not in captivity, thus in editing the photo he removed all vestiges of the fencing behind the group of four. And, he did a very good job of this as somebody who knew exactly where it was and looked like is unable to identify it. There are other digital enhancements in this photo as well, for instance there is no direct sunlight yet certain parts of the photo have been highlighted without any shadows cast as a result. Gilbert Leiter Brandenburg Studio Ely, Minnesota
2010-05-07 16:06:11
Interesting quest.
2010-05-07 15:20:32
Sorry, the caption should have read photo by Jim Brandenburg. Date of photo unknown, but sometime between 8 May 2000 (when the two arctic wolves were born) and the present 6 May 2010.