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Old Comments:

2009-12-06 17:15:13
My attacks on artemis? I did only ONE attack on artemis, last year, and it was a very short 'war'. And why would you be feeling sorry for him/her, the biggest cheater and selfvoter Pixdaus has ever had? (Who is still posting, under other names, and continues cheating.) Besides, I was not the only one attacking him/her at the time. You only remember what you want to remember. You have such thin skin where I am concerned that I could say 'good morning' to you and you could understand it to mean 'eff you'. I have never called you names, never told lies about you, never created false theories about you, never assassinated your character, never attacked you, never ridiculed you. You, on the other hand, have done all those things to me. I did not 'search' for the photo that started your latest attack, I explained how that came about, but - as usual - you decide 'how it is' and that 'how' is always that I am the criminal and you are the angel. The reason you refuse to write to Pixdaus is that deep down you know that I am not guilty of any of those 'crimes' you accuse me of. I can only guess at your true motive, but - unlike you - I don't present guesswork as 'evidence'.
2009-12-06 16:15:53
Attack? This is kiddie stuff compared to your attacks on Artemis. I went off the rail? First, you tried to ridicule me using very subtle comments, yet I had never done anything to you. Then, you purposely misquoted Wiki to mislead your audience and try to make me, again, the idiot. Since the Peking Duck issue, you have continued your little 'attacks' but in such a subtle way that no one has caught on. Your last one - searching for a photo I had posted - was not're slipping. Who cheats on Pixdaus? It's in the more, no less. You can't refute's in black and white. Why would I write to Pixdaus? You are one of their monitors; you have 'special privileges'; and have had since almost two years.
2009-12-06 15:36:51
To Connie: You still insist on adding to your previous attack on me and coming up with more and more insults and accusations! I DON'T WRITE UNDER TROLL NAMES OR ANY OTHER NAMES - ONLY POPPY! I DON'T DOWNVOTE YOUR PICS - NEVER HAVE - QUITE THE CONTRARY! The trolls are getting very clever because now they can post pics and comments under anyone's names. First, it was done to me: they posted 1 pic and 3 comments in my name, and when you clicked on the name, the file was mine! Now it was done to Patito. You seem to believe him, but I am certain you will not believe me. I am not going to engage in arguments with you because I know you will not change your view of me no matter what I would say. Where and how you went so far off the rails, I have no idea, but instead of coming up with any more delusional theories about me, why don't you write to Chris at Pixdaus, instead, and give him the 'lowdown' on my alleged sins.
2009-12-06 11:54:21
TO PATITO - I believe you. TO THE TROLLS: I can't help but wonder why you have singled out Patito for upvoting his posts. It's strange because his photos don't do that well. Yet, you continuously ignore the real cheaters on this site...the ones getting huges amount of votes not matter what they post. I can't help wondering if you 'all' are not trying to deflect the attention on the cheaters, and dump on someone who is obviously not cheating (based on the numbers of votes). Verrrry interesting.
2009-12-06 09:55:16
You're probably the lowlife cocksucking troll that posted it. Eat shit and die, motherfucker !
2009-12-06 09:54:13
2009-12-06 09:51:02
Patito: You are sissy. The above comment is yours. Poppy is a woman but much more a man than you are.
2009-12-06 09:14:29
Oopps ! That should be 'bastard'...the rest of the comment is correct !
2009-12-06 09:12:39
Why don't you go fuck yourself, you gutless cocksucking troll bastatrdn !
2009-12-06 09:04:46
Patito: Why can't you stand like a man behind your words
2009-12-06 08:22:10
To the troll who has hijacked my name: This time you've gone too far ! We will find out who you are and you will be banned from this site forever. So maybe some good will come of thios after all. You are the lowest scum on this planet !
2009-12-06 08:12:47
I also clicked the name under that comment, and yes, it took me to my page...I'm mystified, perplexed, and madder than hell about it, and I again swear to you on my sacred honor as a Texan that I DID NOT post that comment...the truth will come out about this, and you'll see...If you don't believe me, contact the site admin, Chris, and ask for yourself....
2009-12-06 08:07:01
NOTE: if ANYONE believes I posted the second comment on this page I urge them to e-mail Chris at Pixdaus ( ) and find out the truth. This is another troll tactic..perhaps the most low-life and insidious yet in a long history of insidious behaviour...
2009-12-06 08:03:34
For almost two years you have continuously defended your 'friend' Poppy no matter what she has done and written. I clicked on 'patito' above and it's you. You both have used different names at different times (particularly Poppy), so you haven't convinced me that it was not you. Poppy has been upvoting her photos and downvoting others (even her cyberspace friends) for almost two years. She and her minions are busier than ever downvoting all my uploads.
2009-12-06 07:55:31
I meant to say Who are you kidding Poppy but using so many troll names, including Supreme Deity?
2009-12-06 07:54:46
I hope Connie and others will realize that someone is posting comments using my name...I don't klnow how they're doing it, but they are...Connie and I may have had our differences, but I would not, and did not, post the comment above. Sorry, Ms C..I swear before God Almighty I DID NOT popst that comment.
2009-12-06 07:50:18
Who are you kidding Poppy?
2009-12-06 07:49:58
Thank you Patito. I see it was very dangerous for me to challenge your friends on Pixdaus - particularly Poppy.
2009-12-06 07:34:03
Wow! That was incredibly rude and mean spirited, This picture isn't that bad, Very uncalled for.
2009-12-06 06:55:06
Connie, most of your loaded images are shit. Try to find something more intresting.
2009-12-06 06:46:10
Re tag - it's lilies not lillies.