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Old Comments:

2008-10-30 13:59:12
2008-10-11 12:10:16
2008-10-11 10:24:43
"der reich," i think you should be using the masculine pronoun. Didn't they refer to germany as the "fatherland?"
2008-10-11 01:01:38
this poor boy made into a man by murder ... you can see the fear in his eyes. the sad fact is this soldaten die riech probably has a great deal in common with "das americanar" he is fighting.
2008-05-17 05:59:09
Where are the rest of the "war-hating" USA detractors? Oh, this isn't an American soldier, I get it. FOW has the decency to post his consistent message here as well.
2008-05-13 02:02:47
this guy one of the most photographed guys in books. pictures taken in dec 1944. battle of the bulge.
2008-05-12 19:45:25
Yes, they are all just kids used as tools by politicians.
2008-05-12 12:21:17
Fuck Off War Propaganda
2008-05-12 08:07:47
Soldiers, like all other soldiers.
2008-05-12 08:07:06
Soldiers, like all other soldiers.