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Old Comments:

2009-04-02 19:47:54
I was showing you three smiles in that comment to let you know I liked your comment and thought it was funny GOTHINA, I had alot of laughs lately from people teasing me on the name thing. so no flag necessary : )
2009-04-02 18:28:34
Skip, peace! White flag.
2009-04-02 07:48:31
yes everybodys teasing me now you might as well come onboard too!!! good one GOTHINA : )))
2009-04-02 07:26:09
Skip, "woof, woof"!! ;-)
2009-04-02 06:48:29
Ok GOTINHA, I'll try to explain, I am a woman who had a dog named skip, which was how I got my nick, but I decided I'd like to change it so people would quit calling me dude, or man, but then I ran into these comedians on here, so I'm thinking maybe it's more fun this way : )
2009-04-02 06:34:36
You are confusing me and my poor simplle mind. ;-)
2009-04-02 05:38:10
I meant Patito, but patito can tell you more about the show : )
2009-04-02 05:29:57
Thanks GOTINHA, and it's true what blue fuzzy one said, and I owe it all to her, If I had not had the good fortune to meet with her at her club..The Blue Fuzzy Feather room, where she encouraged me to come out of the shadows, as she has, You should check out her club Patio and A Bouts do a little show that would knock yur socks off!! : ))
2009-04-02 01:23:23
Skip said she has always felt like a woman -and she has lately been considering going through a 'change' and taking on a more feminized appearance and name. Even so, she will always be just our Skip.
2009-04-01 22:38:28
2009-04-01 20:23:43
Take one for you, Skip! A true gentleman... or are you a lady?
2009-04-01 12:15:15
Beautiful flowers GOTINHA! you always know how to pick em : )