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Old Comments:

2012-01-09 14:38:44
This page need something like this to get rid of those unspeakable cretin and Pixdaus terrorist PATITO!!
2012-01-09 00:24:45
SIKHS ARE TERRORISTS IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD. They have killed hundreds of innocent people in their fight to create a separate state from India - Khalistan
2009-02-11 06:46:20
Telling people with whom one disagrees that they are dumb and/or full of shit may be personally very satisfying, Mr. Singh, but it does not constitute a rational argument. But of course when it comes to territorial disputes in which there is a religious component one is not surprised by the absence of rational argument.
2009-02-11 04:19:58
Either you guys are entirely full of shit, or you are the dumbest human beings on the face of the planet.
2008-08-27 03:19:45 keep Pakis out? just guessing.
2008-08-27 01:36:32
"We" who? Pearl Harbour was a military athol and a justifiable military target. Why cry about it now? The American/Japanese conflict was terminated with the greatest act of terror we have ever seen - the aggressive use of a nuclear bomb! The barriers between India and Pakistan have their roots back in 1958 when partition called for all Muslims to leave India and all Hindus & Sikhs to leave Pakistan. Talat is posting some really interesting pictures of Lahore, a city which a friend's father grew up in and had to leave during partition - he's a Sikh. The skirmishes in Kashmir are like any other separatist movement - they want to be distinct and in their own right. Kashmir is a beautiful place - truly "Paradise on Earth".
2008-08-24 04:40:52
Precisely correct...terror is not the enemy..terror is a weapon... describing our enemies are terrorists and declaring a "War on Terror" in response to the attacks of 9-11 may sound good but it doens't make much's as if, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, we had declared war on Japanese airplanes....
2008-08-24 03:20:46
All military actions are inherently terroristic. Terror is inflicted when enemy bombers fly over your city and blow up the neighborhoods you know. Terror is inflicted when hundreds of thousands of foreign troops invade your country and destroy your lawfully created government. Terror is inflicted when ANY state invades another with troops and weapons with the implied promise that they will kill the citizens and destroy the economic infrastructure of the defenders until the weaker force surrenders, as the invaders are using the fear of facing armed combat and death (not just the actual death and combat) to promote their agenda. Humans have been conditioned to accept some of these acts of terrorism on behalf of the state as justified, because historically we are an animal that has used war to gain political and strategic goals. In this case, hypocritical North American and European political leaders are objecting to the methods of delivering terror, not the level of harm intended to be visited upon the victims of violence...
2008-08-24 00:30:43
Kashmiri Freedom fighters are NOT terrorist.
2008-08-24 00:20:31
to prevent terrorist entering in India