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2010-08-11 18:27:16
Jungle To me the jungle is such an extraordinary place, Full of vibrant colour, mystique and grace, In all its splendor, there lies a hidden past, Those who take a journey, it may be their last, For in this paradise, lies dangers abound, They'll stalk you for days, and then they surround, This is an enigma, and nature's in charge, Tigers on the prowl, and snakes so large, Monkeys are dancing, from tree to tree, Colourful birds singing, as loud as can be, Oh what a place, to trek and explore, Beauty and the beast, what can offer much more, Forgotten civilisations, and long lost treasure, Waterfalls and rivers, for the eyes its a pleasure, Every now and then, I'd escape to that place, Leaving the world for a moment, and enjoying the space, We all have a jungle, we go there in dreams, Our imagination runs wild, for a second it seems, Such an unknown, so different, so rare, Where is your jungle, and how do you get there. Chris Lee