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Old Comments:

2008-11-11 16:34:24
you are an intriguing character Ms Poppy.
2008-11-10 14:03:59
nice one patito. ok you win this one!
2008-11-09 13:17:17
not bad. i had to check to see that there were no spaces in front of your name...
2008-11-09 01:19:19
Small planes are fun! I have flown in a Cherokee 140 and a Beagle Pup. Took a few flying lessons just so that I might know how to get the darn things back on the ground if the pilot had a heart attack, or something. Used to doodle across the Channel from England to France to have lunch and then fly back. Nostalgia rules! Not anywhere near as exciting as the experiences of sixes and patito, but... I think I'll now go look for a pic of a Beagle Pup.
2008-11-09 00:42:13
Okay, but remember, you asked for time back in the 1960's a buddy and I were running a charter service up in Montana, and we got a call to fly up into a high valley and pick up a fairly large herd of sheep ..a blizzard was predicted and the rancher wanted them outa there..we found a place to land, herded the sheep into the airplane ( an old DC3 rigged to haul cargo ) and took off, but the blizzard caught us before we could cross the ridge..wind was against us, we were startin' to ice up, and then the port engine went out.."Grab your chute, pardner," I told my co-pilot.."We're gonna bail out!" "But what about the sheep?" he asked. I told him "Fuck the sheep !" He looked back kinda wistfully and said "You think we got time?"
2008-11-09 00:01:59
amen patito. i am the original fyi, case you don't realize. i took single-prop down the Andes from Cuzco to Lima, can you match that?
2008-11-08 23:46:21
No doubt true, Buncha Sixes...some of the most memorable and exhilerating moments in my life have been in small airplanes...there's really nothing like it and I kinda feel sorry for people who haven't experienced it..sorta like riding a horse at a full gallop..there's no way to know what it's like if you ain't done it...
2008-11-08 23:26:13
patito, i assume you refer to p.p.a.b. on a side note, how 'bout cruising fast to sea-level in a single-prop over a huge mntn chain? i think you might appreciate that, don't know why.
2008-11-08 23:22:53
Clearly someone who has never flown or ridden as a passenger in a small airplane.
2008-11-08 23:18:29
you're wrong dude, some of us have loved the intricate and unique beauty of airplanes all our lives. you don't like it, cool, move on. the rest of us who love aircraft, bring it ON!
2008-11-08 23:09:40
SNORE!!! to the max!!!! infinity!!!!!!!
2008-11-08 22:51:42
if you love WWII fighters, you could try to find a more awesome pic, but you would fail. this is awesome.