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Old Comments:

2010-04-23 22:21:57
You are very welcome, Jhonnywalk. And thankyou. Hope you're having a great day. Best regards to you also... :)
2010-04-23 22:14:35
Thanks Jujuba....Best regards...!!!
2010-04-23 22:13:54
Thanks skip....Best regards...!!!
2010-04-23 22:13:18
Yes right that PictureGirl...Thanks for the correction.....Best regards....
2010-04-23 15:27:04
WB Jhonny, good to see you around again :-)
2010-04-23 13:47:19
I don't recall you ever saying what your country is, but I am glad you're back! - Stick around - it's going to get better. ;-)
2010-04-23 13:44:14
I love the purple color, Welcome back Jhonnywalk!
2010-04-23 13:37:02
Jhonnywalk, did you mean to have in your title, 'Oxalis' instead of 'Oxialis' ? They are one of my most favourite plants. A very lovely photo here too.. :)
2010-04-23 13:30:12
Hy, Poppy...I am well....and you? Id been working in my country...Pixdaus it has grown members and better photographs...Thats good...!!!
2010-04-23 13:19:05
Welcome back, Jhonnywalk! Where have you been hiding, and how are you?