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Old Comments:

2009-04-20 05:38:31
Unfortunately he did not screw up. No sir, he knows exactly what he is doing. The followers of American Idol and the readers of People magazine that voted for him won't realize until it is too late what they have done, they've been fooled. They are foolish. The left, however... they don't care, they are already there. They wallow ecstatically in the flotsam that has washed up on their shores of envy.
2009-04-20 02:36:35
Row row row your boat gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream. Remember that one patito?
2009-04-19 22:54:01
America is full of useful idiots because they voted for Obama. He's not my president!
2009-04-19 20:34:43
You're welcome, Abe..we comment because you're our buddy and a nice guy and we want to show some support for you personally even though you have your head on backward when it comes to politics...notice how quickly this kind of bullshit is voted off the main page and into the pixdaus trash bin....have fun while I'm gone...
2009-04-19 13:30:51
Well that's two who are paying so little attention they had to leave comments. And each time someone comments it goes straight to the top of the comments list. I want to thank you both for helping to keep this picture at the top so everybody can see it right away.
2009-04-19 13:10:24
Do you know what fascist means? I know critical thinking is a no no in the Republic party but when you hear the talking points, take a little time and research what the hannity's and drug addled gas bags(rush)are saying because they don't. Like patito said. "Nobody's paying attention anymore" except the 26-30% who thought bush was a great President.
2009-04-19 11:34:45
Nobody's paying attention anynore, fellows.....nobody cares what you rightwingers think anymore, except the small and ever diminishing hard-core cadres of the right itself, who are presently talking mainly with each other since no one lese is listening...the rest of the world has moved on...I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, paddling merrily down a stream, so here's your chance to wave your banners and toot your horns ...have fun !
2009-04-19 11:28:27
President Chavez and Obama, who will be most popular in this moments?
2009-04-19 10:18:37
Birds of a Feather.