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Posted By:ocicat

Old Comments:

2008-04-13 02:20:04
Here, here, Just Sayin!
2008-04-03 10:21:25
You could easily have imparted your point without being so harsh, Uquququ. That it took Onx so long to see the odd perspective should be seen as a compliment to the skill of the photographer/artist, and not as a reflection of Onx's inability to *instantly* recognize the quirky composition of this picture.
2008-04-02 23:33:08
it's like the Escher's litography "relativity". cool
2008-01-05 10:53:29
Most people wouldn't need your advice because it's pretty damn self-evident.
2008-01-03 07:45:35
it takes some time to understand, my advice: look at the background!
2008-01-03 06:35:33
really cool :)