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Posted By:connie

Old Comments:

2009-03-05 10:06:33
I moved to lincolin city in 1976 and have been on the coast since. as far as seaside , many visits to astoria. just can't beat it . it's beautiful everywhere .Yep ! cascadian . have seen the redwoods , they are very awesome.
2009-03-04 13:10:27
I have travelled some over the years Skip, but I had stopped for a few years due to a MVA. I don't take many photos when travelling. I went to France last summer and took a few there. I tried to upload one or two, but couldn't. I guess I don't know how. So, lilly, you're a Cascadian? You live in a lovely State. I travelled along the Oregon/California coastline many years ago - Redwood Forest etc. It was a lovely trip. Cannon Beach is wonderful.
2009-03-04 11:27:50
my back yard...the beautiful oregon coast...these picture est are everywhere...wonderful place to live .
2009-03-04 11:07:21
I get the impression you have traveled alot connie, maybe one night you could do a series on connie's travels, and tell us your opinions of each place you've visited, that might be interesting, I'd tune in for that : )
2009-03-04 10:24:26
Travelling along the Oregon and Northern California Coastline is a wonderful experience. The Oregon Coast can be quite wet and foggy. If you are travelling along there there when it's clear, it's beautiful.
2009-03-04 10:12:09
Beautiful connie!!