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Old Comments:

2009-09-19 07:43:50
...and you really thing that I, #1 computer illiterate on Pixdaus', would know how to remove the frames? Best laugh I've had today ;-) Re your para 2 - all very good and valid points.
2009-09-18 18:33:18
It seems that whatever the maximum allowable width (without getting a 'see full-size picture' sign) for the pictures is, the size does not include the frame. Start losing the frames before you post, Connie. I have suggested to Pixdaus that they should have the pics centred, and put the voting button horizontally below the pic because now the button is taking room away from the pics. After all, we're here for the pics, and they should be showcased in the best possible way... It would not hurt if they also stated what the max width IS before it becomes an oversized pic!
2009-09-18 09:46:45
Drats, Pixdaus cut part of my photo.