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Old Comments:

2011-08-06 18:13:37
Possible. But Dallas refers here to the soap-opera wherein one of the main-actors died and months later, as a matter of course, just played further his role because his dead had only been a dream of his wife. TV-viewers had watched, for months thus, a bad dream of his wife. This completely lack of inspiration had been interpreted as fooling of the viewers. It made Dallas lost credibility and was reflected in declining ratings. If some details of this story doesn’t fit in with someone else dream I hereby make an appeal to witnesses to adjust reality.
2011-08-06 02:57:05
Almost anything would be preferable to going to Dallas. To paraphrase General Philip Henry Sheridan, if I owned both Hell and Dallas I'd live in Hell and rent out Dallas.
2011-08-06 01:58:54
Cohise, the only address with the name Cohise.
2011-08-06 01:54:16
Now, now, now…. it was only a dream.