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Old Comments:

2011-09-17 06:09:07
Probably took their entire weekly income to pay for that synthetic food-like substance.
2011-09-17 02:59:50
Some people complain there are not enough different types of photos. When some of us post 'unique' and1or different types, the photos get downvoted 'because they are not nature' or....... This is a very interesting photo; it tells a story. It shows the encrouchement of American culture (no insult) even in small places in Eastern Europe/former Soviet Bloc countries. It shows the 'old' ways meet the 'new', and so on.
2011-09-17 00:44:41
Totally agree. Down voting is superfluous and only panders to the mean of spirit. It definitely should be eliminated.
2011-09-16 15:25:30
Down voting is the single greatest problem on this site. It should be eliminated altogether.
2011-09-16 12:55:35
What a difference a year makes. Last year I uploaded this identical photograph (somehow since removed from my portfolio and from Pixdaus) and it received great acclaim and nothing but up-votes. It quickly rose to over +100 in less than 24 hours. It was also picked to favorites over 20 times. The same photo a year later, seems to be garnering mostly down-votes (although it has received a number of up-votes as well) and is being voted down. It is hard for me to imagine why things are so different this year.
2011-09-16 11:47:20
I originally posted this photo a little over a year ago. It was my most successful up-load and the only one ever that received over 100 votes. Then one day it simply disappeared from my portfolio with no trace and I have no idea why or how. I had about a dozen other photos disappear at the same time. The photo has become quite popular and can be found all over the internet, however, my post was the only one on Pixdaus (and this repost still is). Since I am uploading two more photos today, that sort of go along with it, I am reposting it.