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Old Comments:

2008-03-03 06:07:12
If it was two inches, society as we know it would've collapsed! :D
2008-02-28 11:32:30
Here in Southern California one snowflake causes chaos.
2008-02-26 04:27:45
I was in Atlanta when they had an inch of snow- CHAOS!!!!! I was lucky to get off the expressway alive
2008-02-26 04:18:21
Should read: Inch of snow brings chaos IN LONDON.. wimps.
2008-02-23 09:49:27
I agree, becouse English drivers can't drive even when here is only an inch of snow....and it is sad that there is no snow in England :(
2008-02-20 06:04:04
Yeeeeeep, agree :)