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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2011-03-07 07:41:44
anyway Rebecc, here in ours we call both girls and boys 'dude', as informal so i posted it too for you. as the word guys all over being used both genders so same is the case with 'dude'. I too love pets and animals, i have a small and cute (dog) namely Kuchak (in our language means lovely). thanks for future suggetions, hope we all follow the same.
2011-03-07 06:57:55
Hi Zafar, good to hear from you, I like the style of pics you post too, and you made me laugh, because I always get called dude here, ..but I'm a dudette! :)) my name is rebecca, and my dogs name was skip. Anyway, Danis chose "Spring" for the next theme, and I hope you will join in, we can start on tuesday night for wednesdays races. see you soon. :)
2011-03-07 03:24:00
yeh buddy your pics selection are always very imperasive and natural, keep it must have to select tomorrow theme. dude here too my pics without any authentice reason could not get prerioty and beat by common user.