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Old Comments:

2011-06-08 14:23:51
extremely beautiful ... just go ahead ... good luck...bye.
2010-05-07 16:43:04
@ Hidephix Thanks :-)
2010-05-07 16:40:50
Thanks :-)
2010-05-07 11:19:02
H&M stores? If so, we have one here in Vancouver, B.C.
2010-05-07 10:18:52
and thank you for your tip. Going to check it out. DeviantArt is awefull when it comes to feedback, and you get so few views that it hurts.
2010-05-07 10:16:01
@libellulle Sorry for late answer! To be honest, I got this Hidephix name when I was like 9 years old, and since then it has been me at internet. :) The only thing I thought then were that I wanted an "X" and "ph" in my nick. Sorry to desappoint you :P I didn't know about the french meaning, but I sure like it! Fixed ideas is very related to me :) I pronouce it like "hide" as in hiding, and phix as in fix.
2010-05-07 10:02:49
Sorry for late answer! The shoot was for H&M in the magazine Cosmopolitan. I didn't think that much about story this time. The only thing I wanted to show is a girl with her own style who are confident, but at same time not. My mind was occupied about the lightning, make up, poses and ofc editing (That's what i love most). This photo is part of a serie of 8, where maybe 3-4 worked. I wanted to take another shoot but there was no time. But in the end I was satisfied with the result. I learned much from this task. Thank you! Some day I hopefully will work with something media related :)
2010-05-07 09:51:59
Sorry for late answer. I'm suprised of polite people are here, it's nothing I ever seen on internet! I saw this site and I didn't think, i just got maniac about all the beautifull photos in here. Sorry for that, and I will respect that off course. I will sure come back here, but I don't think I will upload so much. That's just because I'm not that good with colors and I am much better to take photo of people. Thank you for your comment!
2010-04-24 19:48:55
When in French we pronounce " Hidephix" , we say "idéfix" . And that evocates " idée fixe". For you, maybe "fixed idea". More "Idéfix" is the little white dog of Astérix, one of main french "cartoons". A little dog with always "fixed ideas". Do you heard about them ? Alone/only Hidephix can say to us if he chose hiss name for this reason ? ;-)
2010-04-24 14:20:04
Sorry, I forgot the 'd' Hidephix.
2010-04-24 14:19:09
I'm not an expert at that time of photography, but to respond more clearly, I might want to know what your objective was...what you were trying to achieve and so on, but it certainly looks very promising - for you to eventually go beyond school projects. Good luck on your project Hiephix ;-)
2010-04-24 13:42:50
Not bad...but because of the nature of the content it'll probably be voted off -site pretty might want to try fotocommunity...they're a little more oriented toward and tolerant of this sort of pic, and you might get more feed-back there...this site used to be more eclectic and more babe-friendly but it's evolving toward nature, scenery, animals, etc...maybe your next assignment will be to shoot ducks and bunnies, landscapes or floral arragements......if so try here again.