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Old Comments:

2009-06-19 12:07:44
The downvoters are the virtual equivalents of vandals and hoodlums..the kind of punks and weasels who write nasty things on walls, break park benches, and throw trash in the streets...don't let 'em win...Stand Your Ground !
2009-06-19 10:58:46
Yesterday my pics were instantly voted down by twos, and now by fives. Yours got hit also. What the hell is wrong with people? It's nothing to do with liking or disliking the pictures but all to do with having something against the posters of the pics. How petty and small. The creepos are like vultures, hovering at the top of the newly posted, waiting to attack... I am pretty sure they are posters whose pics are not doing so well and therefore they hit good pics of others. - Humbug is now leaving, probably got tired of all this bullshit.
2009-06-19 10:38:14
Poppy, lately it seems that people like few things. I see not only mine but your photos being downvoted immediatly after being posted...
2009-06-19 10:17:50
...hmmm. I keep pushing these multi-pic thingies but the folks don't like them. I wonder why?
2009-06-19 09:48:25