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Posted By:Cet

Old Comments:

2009-06-04 22:59:25
pssst! you will interupt him!!! hush! by now he's at 6 backword... give him a time this is a hard one.
2009-06-04 22:41:01
It's okay, Cet...Alright is only about fourteen years old, has never had any nookie and wouldn't know what to do with it if he had any...he might even grow up to be a decent human being if his mommie doesn't catch him writing nasty things on her computer..then she might pinch his head off and tell God he died.
2009-06-04 18:44:20
alright, take a deep breath. count to 10. now back to 1. do that evry time before you start to wrote any comment, pls.
2009-06-04 11:31:48
oh cet luvs cunnie great poopy and putito might be jealous! it must be her breasts, they're delicious
2009-06-04 03:46:41
A lovely nature's heart for my folder! Thank you Cet.