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Old Comments:

2009-03-26 01:51:38
funny!! they even managed to show how when you open the door, they just leave you standing there for awhile, which is really special when it's below zero outside! I've seen the second one before, one of my all time faves, Thanks fuzzy blue one!!
2009-03-26 00:57:51
like Simon's Cat - Let Me In Also funny -Simon's Cat -Cat Man Do
2009-03-26 00:24:37
Just thought I'd share this since I thought it was kind of interesting, The cat in the picture is named Dracula, and the photographer said that she is her personal door opener, that the cat goes in and out all day long , so this time she left her out a little longer in order to get this shot,,,I have a cat myself, so I know all about this door game : )