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Old Comments:

2008-12-25 23:15:34
farhad, you are so despicable! You vote yourself in the Top 10! With only one third of popular pics! You vote your oldest pictures to the popular-section. In my eyes, you had not deserved it to be under the Top 10! Not others have voted you there! You have to do it yourself! You are the greatest f***ing ASSHOLE here on Pixdaus cause you are LYING to all others!!! e.g. Gotinha, poppy, lilly, comic book guy and starboardside are in the Top 10 because OTHERS vote for their good pics! You just pushing yourself. STOP IT! You are a liar! Shame on you.
2008-12-25 20:49:38
nice pap
2008-12-25 19:16:11
~Perhaps sunset
2008-12-25 19:01:26
Dawn ~ sundown ?