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Old Comments:

2009-09-23 21:08:09
Really a very nice and amazing shot Sara mls
2009-07-15 16:43:46
Yeah, the two cables that run along the suspension cable are about waist-high distance from the main cable. I think they are used either to attach a safety line when maintenance persons have to move along the cable or maybe as part of the lightning safety system. It's still a great photo!
2009-07-15 14:38:27
I agree; one of my all time favorites. :)
2008-05-26 09:01:43
He must be a giant, those cables are a yard in diameter.
2008-05-26 00:46:05
I don't care if it's photoshopped, it's a beautiful concept.
2008-05-25 23:39:38
I can't believe that some people can be so bonkers.