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Posted By:Logan5

Old Comments:

2011-10-12 23:21:09
At least Patito had a momma, unlike you, who came in to the world when a sick buzzard puked on a flat rock.
2011-10-12 02:52:36
Logan5 has not been on this site for a long time, so you may address your question to his best friend Patito. But be forwarned, Patito may use extremely foul language in his response to you. It happens for absolutely no reason and when one least expects it. It's like when one's eye starts to twitch; there is no known medical reason for that. I personally think that Patito's momma did not train him properly on the potty.
2011-10-11 19:45:21
The picture is called ...on a Grave
2011-10-11 19:42:52
Hello! I was wondering if I could use this beautiful picture on a website I am creating? It would be under music for funerals. Thank you:)