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Posted By:ultrasonic

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2009-05-06 15:35:46
Dancing is one of the best aerobic exercises one can do, while at the same time having fun. It's just not rock 'n roll, jive, twist etc; it's also ballroom dancing and latin dances, polka etc.
2009-05-06 14:56:59
I never learned to rock 'n' roll, but I am going to make it my mission to learn it before I'm too old for it. It looks so cool yet hot. ;-) How much do you charge for lessons?
2009-05-06 11:27:22
I doubt Butch Cavendish would think of William Tell either.
2009-05-05 20:45:01
First TV show I ever saw was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 1948 or 49, at a neighbor's house...was on a screen about this size and it was an episode of "The Lone Ranger"...have heard it said that an intellectual is someone who can hear the William Tell Overture without thinking about the Lone Ranger...sure as hell leaves me out..